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11-21-2011, 07:23 PM
Miller Time
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longer the team waits to extend him, the more expensive he's going to be (barring another major injury of course).

We don't know how hard the team tried to sign him for longer than 1 year this past offseason, but IF (and please understand the meaning of the word "IF" before accusing me of bashing management) PG is the one that favored the 1 year deal (either by only offering a year, or by lowballing the 2+ year offers), then he made a MAJOR mistake.

in fact, anything short of Gorges himself refusing to consider more than 1-year (which may have been the case, even if that seems unlikely), would have to be considered a blunder on the habs part.

I really, REALLY hope we can extend him at <4M$, but if he decides to test the market, don't be shocked if some team (Edmonton comes quickly to mind), decides his play & his intangibles are worth 4-4.5M$ even if he's not a big point getter.

hope we see him as a pillar of our defense for years to come

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