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11-01-2003, 03:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Tico

I think the Avs will wait until 35+ games into the season to see what they have with Sauve, then make a trade based on what he's done.

As an outsider why wouldn't they wait. Right now there are at least 4 starting goalies available to them, and you can probably add another 4 more early in the new year. Abby is more than competent enough to win regular season games, I don't even think any av's fans will question that. where the concern rises is come playoff time can abby handle the load. They will give him half the season to get an accurate evaluation and then decide if they are trading for a starter, or a good back up.

and as long as there are all these goalies available they can let thousands of dollars tick of thier contracts every day. Why pay Cujo 7 mil for the rest of this season when they can pay him 3 at the all star break. The goalies available now are obviusly Cujo, Kolzig, Burke and Dafoe the 4 who might be available later depending on the playoffs race are Biron, Salo, khabibulin, and Nabakov. and there are probaly more than a handful of competent back ups that could be had. especially if the rumors are true and Tanguay is the trade bait. Interestingly I think the avs should see what Hurme would cost them a competent backup that would give them a decent goalie to send back if they decide to trade for a starter later on. The avs can afford to wait. Tanguay should be able to bring back any 1 of those 8 guys. The only time the avs might need to rush a decission is if a goalie goes down with a major injury on some other team or even worse thier own.

but since I am visiting your site, i may as well throw out a stupid proposal

wash - Tanguay, Skoula
Col - Kolzig, Witt

take care....

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