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11-21-2011, 10:01 PM
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1c Yes Kopi is.
2c Yes Richards is.
3c Yes Loktionov is.
4c Yes Lewis is.

1lw no Gags is not
2lw yes Gags is.
3lw yes Clifford is but as he is in his 2nd yr he is going through a little struggle. Sometimes he is on the money, other times he is a bit lost. Of course, TM is as much to blame for killing ANY creativity or O drive that the kid might have but that is another point.
4lw yes by committee is. EM is acceptable and his cohorts are also.

1rw yes Williams is. Say what you want about him but he puts up a bit better than average points and the rest is as good as most RW's around the league.
2rw yes Brown is. DB isn't my favorite RW in the league today nor is he my favorite RW on the Kings in the past 3 decades but he is definitely one of the better 2nd line RW's in the game.
3rw no, Stoll is not. He should be. He has everything that he needs to do the job but so far this season, his contract season he is struggling where he should be thriving. Could this be another of TM's casualties? I don''t know. He certainly hasn't proven himself capable at 3c this year. Where does he belong? Which team will he end up on?
4rw yes Committee is.

D is ridiculously yes.

G is definitely yes.

Coaching is as I have felt since his hire no. TM hasn't been an outright fail but he has proven time and time again that when an opposing coach has a game plan that is clearly successful against his *raideresque* obvious trite and hackneyed game plan he has no ability to think or change on the fly. His only ever answer is "change my lines BEEEP" "Change my lines BEEEP".

We need a new coach. TM is clearly in over his head. Before the season started I said that even with TM at the helm we will still be a contender. I think we are looking alright as of now but have some serious concerns about our ability to make it past the first round with Granny at the helm.

He is a very knowledgeable person and would make an excellent coach in the AHL or Major Juniors but his time has passed as an NHL head coach imo.

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