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11-21-2011, 09:46 PM
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Oh, hey..

The hottest team in the NHL, with probably the most powerful offense in the last 10 games, who won almost every single games they recently played by scoring a minimum of FOUR goals and had a PERSONNAL grudge against our team for the victories we've had against them earlier this season.. Not to forget they are practically 100% healthy.

And we happen to hold them off to a single goal with an entirely deficient defensive, made up of some rather skilled, but terribly inexperienced defensemen. We not only held them off to a SINGLE goal (where most teams were happy to limit them to 3), but we dominated the entire game and lost only because their goalie pulled a star performance, as some goalies happens to do.

I was upset for the loss against the Isles. I am not for this one. We showed we are on their level, and if we can play at the Bs' level, we can beat any teams. Just imagine what's gonna happen when our regular D will start rolling back.

edit: and for the record, I am sick ****ing tired of hearing "they played bad against us" and the like to justify whatever success we might have. The Canes, the Rangers, the Bruins. They are supposedly played "bad" against us. Maybe our system happens to make other team look bad when it's well executed. We control the play very well, and our players have very strong positioning. This means we make them look out of position or a bit later on a constant basis.

THEY LOOK BAD BECAUSE WE PLAY GOOD. Not because they don't show up against us. Martin hammered a very, very strong positioning system into this team, and I am just ****ing sick of hearing people who can't understand anything about hockey except a fancy stickplay criticize us. Not all teams play like the ****ing Penguins!

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