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11-01-2003, 04:30 AM
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Originally Posted by 1LS9
I agree. Kids got enough pressure as it is.

Also, it might be Tony shouting out to PL, "Get us a new backup. This kid isn't ready yet". I may be way offbase, but it wouldn't surprised me is Granato is using a little media to help get the message out.
I understand your point but I seriously doubt that Tony needs to "shout out" anything. I think Tony walks like a man into Pierre's office and tells him point blank what his feelings are.I think Pierre listens carefully, considers his options and makes the call.

These two seem to be on the same page.

As for Suave, lets let him get six or seven starts on a regular rotation and then make the call.The kid hasn't even had time to finish his sandwich yet.

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