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11-01-2003, 04:33 AM
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Originally Posted by MN_Gopher
I do not think he is that bad at all, and in fact i think we will be making a huge mistake if we let him go. His first game was shaky, but whos isn't. The last few he has showed patience and has gotten much better. At first he would have the puck in zone and just be happy to clear, now he is taking his time and starting an up ice rush. Whether by a pass or just carrying the puck. He is good on the PP making good passes and has a good shot, some of his shots are not getting through but they will and at least create a rebound. And what are we losing on D if he stays. Kuba is going to log the most ice time, the Bomber and Mitchel all three very good defense D men. So Roche will not be called on to play all the time. Then you have Schultz, he has loked good, solid 4th guy along with Zyuzin. Which leaves Brown, Henry and Roche. Henry and Brown play simular games big physical, not great puck controllers. So i think one of them needs to go. If you can remember Zyuzin's first game, he was shaky played alot got confidence. Roche IMO will do the same. Granted he i s one of my favorite wild players, and i was really happy when we signed him, but i think he will settle down and actually be able to lead this PP of ours by the end of the season.
I thought you were talking about Darby at first What? Up ice rush? Good passing on PP?

Roche will probably stay, and Henry go, agreed.

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