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11-22-2011, 12:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
Sure, they could find ways to make Morrow miserable, but they shouldn't go that route. They were dumb enough to give him the no trade, so they should suffer the consequences of that deal. You don't want to have players spreading the word that you lie to or screw over your players.

The way Edmonton treated Souray is something every NHL player knows about. Obviously, the Oilers don't care because no free agent wants to play in Edmonton, but the Stars should worry about that perception.
What does your post have anything to do with anything I said? If they stripped him of the "C", cut his playing time, played him on the 3rd or 4th lines because he isn't helping the TEAM in his current role where is the lie? The NTC is a silly thing because everyone knows that all it does is give the player some modicum of control over their destiny.

Your logic of saying that they made their bed and should lie in it is, well, illogical. That's not how humans work, people make mistakes and learn from them, correcting them along the way in the best way they see fit. My regimen for #10 is in no way disingenuous, a lie, or anything of the sort and neither is trying to trade a player with a NTC. Play whistle to whistle, play disciplined, and if you get called for a penalty (legitimate or not) shut your ****ing mouth and go to the box. It has become clear that Morrow and his constant *****ing on the ice is the primary target for Gulutzan's comments on the topic.

O-M-G what if other players around the NHL knew that the Dallas Stars have high standards for their star players, including their captain?! Oh the horror...

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