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11-22-2011, 08:38 AM
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This has to be my favorite thread. The Team 1200 has been dying a slow death for years. And no one who runs the station seems very eager to do anything about it. CMON JR WAKE UP!!! JR you used to be quite good, now you have become one of the most un-listenable voices on morning radio. 'WELCOME BACK, WELCOME TO IT!!" Cmon JR, you should know that these Ron Burgandy lines actually aren't very ground-breaking anymore.

Other than any Sens coverage, there are three main daily shows: TGOR, Amateur Hour with Versage, Healthy Scratches. Then there are the "AJ Shows".

There is absolutely no prep work done for any of these shows. They show up, read things from internet, read out of the Sun, and discuss. Its horrible.

My favorite is when they bring on Mike Sutherland as their "Football Insider" WHAT?? Dude can barely read the 20/20 updates. Another hilarious (but very good) segment is the NHL Power Hour. All Lloyd and Yorkie do is talk hockey, so why not have the "NHL Power 3-Hours"?

I also love how all of their shows replay a 20 minute interview from earlier in the show just to end it off. Or when TGOR plays an interview from yesterday's Healthy Scratches. Very bush league radio station.

And who the heck is this Eric Macromella guy and why isn't he "being a lawyer" instead of a radio host. He is VERY painful to listen to.

Then there is Mini-Garrioch.....AJ. I won't even start on him.

Thankfully they rid us of Kulka, but he may be better than half the guys currently employed on the station.


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