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11-22-2011, 10:04 AM
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I kind of think they should limit Dan Snyder or Rob Kenny in these types of videos. (Remember the good times, right?) As they're the only two Solar Bears who have passed away (both car crashes), and personally, the 99' team means a lot more to me than the 01' champions.

I saw Snyder several times in this, (including the preview of the video itself) but no Kenny. Seeing Snyder just reminds me of his death, and that time after the bear.

They were members of the the team, and shouldn't be excluded because of their deaths, but the emotions involving Snyder run very deep I think because of the timing of his crash and how it related to the then-defunct Solar Bears. As it was around that time that I knew I really missed the bear, and no amount of Seals were going to replace it. Snyder's death just really kicked my ass. I also didn't get the sense at the time that I was alone in this assessment.

Snyder may have been the tipping point where we just started to want 'the bear' back, and eventually began to express that at Seals games, but it was a very, very negative time overall, and I'd rather not revisit that right off the bat.

I'd also prefer Dreger to Hordichuk for a 'fight' clip, as Dreger had that savagery to it. Hordichuk was just the heavy. Dreger had skillz.

Speaking of which, it's funny they have Bob Joyce.

I do like that they got a Neaton hit in there.

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