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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
well that's my fault. when i said "very weak defensively" i should have added 'this season'. i know he played/plays on the pk. it's probably just my perception, but he has seriously let me down this season... maybe it's the injury, maybe he's had enough with martin, maybe he's snake-bitten, who knows....

don't think it would be difficult to replace his 26 and 19 goals with a bigger player with comparable statistic that could fit the team better. besides the untouchables, along with plek and gomez () he has the highest value among our players. im pretty sure he's do better with another team under another system while we could pick up somebody that fills cammy's role and then some. like a straight sawp player for player kind of thing...

i won't be bothered if he stays or not. but it kinda struck me today how much he seemed 'not to care'. maybe it's just me
I think Cammalleri's still injured, frankly.

I also think he's a real battler and competitor.

Frankly, I'm not his biggest advocate: I find him to be soft along the boards, sometimes weak on the puck defensively, not all that fast and not necessarily the best puck possession guy. That said, I recognise some of these are my biases in what I prefer in a hockey player.

At the end of the day, I wouldn't want to sacrifice any of the goal scoring potential that Cammalleri brings. He's been clutch. And if the team were to trade him in a player swap, chances are that player coming back wouldn't have that same upside. They may also bring other baggage, like Carter's ultra-long contract. No, I don't think Cammalleri's a problem at all with this club and while I don't enjoy watching him play the game, I think he's a nice contributor and core player.

Originally Posted by HabsSlappy View Post
I don't quite understand why a lot of people defend Cammalleri to the bitter end.
I don't. I'm not sure how one post that is against the notion of dealing Cammalleri constitutes defending him to the bitter end either.

Originally Posted by HabsSlappy View Post
The fact is that we have one or two too many small forwards. Cammy likely has the best trade value to add a big goal scorer.

Cammalleri for Jeff Carter straight up, perhaps add a pick to make it happen. We would finally have a big center and like it or not, Carter scores just as many as Cammy, is better defensively and is pretty good in the playoffs as well.

Maybe it's not Carter, but something similar...
OK, so basically Carter is equally as good as Cammalleri in the goal scoring front, but he's bigger, faster, and better defensively, as well as younger. Sounds like a fair deal, then.

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