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Originally Posted by r3cc0s View Post
Problem with the CHL... get picked up in midget AAA, sometimes will have to spend a year or two in Junior A as a young "Junior"... then get put on the roster at some point in the OHL, W, etc..

For some people, moving away and travelling is not something that a 15 year old can easily ween themselves to do, and remain disciplined enough to remain studious to finish their high school

Then you spend the next few years until the last eligibality age of 21 as a "Professional" junior player... being non-eligable for the NCAA

IF you go undrafted, you get a somewhat severence package to go to post-secondary, where you can play in something like CIS college hockey, but it isn't and won't be the NCAA.

Or you go though the grudging tiers of trying to make it to the show by going through the IHL, ECHL and onwards.

I think all and all, it depends.

IMO I think the NCAA should be the prefered route, as it also is the proving grounds for so many other sports
It encourages intellectual development and sets a higher standards for "professional" atheletes that come from that system.

The CHL is an amazing pro-Jr system, entertaining to watch, but all and all it is like any other professional sports franchise, a "professional" sports franchise. I'm not sure a 15 year old, nor their family, should be forced to make that decision that early whether to become a professional athelete vs waiting a couple years to become a college athelete.

I watch alot of CIS games here in Calgary, and the level of play with these ex' Jr (CHL) or Jr A players... all grown up is amazing.
I personally think our Dino's would give the hitmen more than a run for the money... but these guys are now in their early 20's trying to finish their undergrad, as their dreams to go drafted have come and gone...
By this point if they were in the NCAA, they would've completed their undergrad at the least and could persue their other intellectual aptitudes instead.
As for a 15 year old moving away keep in mind thats not just major jr that aslo happens in jr a and some even go to prep school.

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