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11-22-2005, 06:05 AM
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Originally Posted by King'sPawn
His mindset may be right, but his execution is not. While watching the Kings has been very frustrating, DT never really panicked midseason and completely dismantled his team. That's usually counterproductive.
I agree, but I wouldn't necessarily say that DT's execution has always been best. Some of those rosters that the Kings had in the late 90s probably could've used a dismantling. Keep in mind that being patient and "not panicking" was the philosophy with Fiset/Storr, and we know how that ended. There is a right time to just scrap an experiment and try something else.

It's far too early to judge whether Burke is making the right moves or not. Mad Mike was laughed at for dismantling the Islanders (part of which landed Palffy in L.A.), but the team turned things around and were a pretty good team only a couple of years later. Not putting up with mediocrity and, instead, doing something about it is something that I can admire about Burke, whether or not the execution has been the best.

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