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11-22-2011, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
You just supported my argument..thanks! His contract merits more than playing "well-enough" which I interpret as average....

Again we can agree to disagree....he may be a top 4 defender technically but with that salary (no different than Carle) I would like to see him hold his own more and do a little more on the PP. We have Carle with the shot of a child back there and then Mesz with a shot about as accurate as a scud missile.

Anyway...while I agree it's a bit too soon I'm just of the opinion that it's best to move the both of them and push the reset button.

Let's see how Meszeros responds..he may be salvageable if he starts playing at least above average. Carle is just average regardless...
Is said he didn't live up to his contract in Tampa Bay, which he certainly didn't. But that doesn't mean he wasn't playing well enough to be a top four defender. Just out of curiosity, what does a defenseman have to do to be a top four defenseman?

Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
No he wasn't and it wasn't even close. He wasn't even one of our top 4 dmen last year and not based upon where he played in the lineup just based upon his actualy PLAY. Yes I know he was "voted" the best dman for us last year but that was just a gift and moreso to the fact that he DID have a nice rebound year but he was CLEARLY certainly not better than Timonen or Pronger and for as good as Mesz was last year he still wasn't better than Coburn or Carle either and he's not better than any of those 4 this year.

Also, last year it was pretty easy for him to look pretty good when he was playing on the 3rd pairing going up against the other teams worst lines AND he has a solid vet like OD to help him in his assignments.
And why wasn't he a top four defender? His stats and play on the ice certainly would say other wise. He played on the third pairing, but put him on any other team in the NHL (with a few exceptions) and where is he going to play? There are better D-men out there, for sure, but on this team and probably about 20-25 others, he's one of the best four defensemen on the team.

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