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11-22-2011, 01:08 PM
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Wow, what a bunch of sourpusses. Granted, I'm not the biggest fan of a lot of what makes it on the air on Team 1200, but the anger here at what amounts to a passive diversion makes me chuckle. If you seriously want change, what would you do to fix it? *****ing about a problem without offering a solution makes you a curmudgeon.

I don't personally have any issues with TGOR. I don't know how Jim keeps his job with all his absences, but that's between him and his employer. I enjoy the light conversion I hear between 7-8 am on the drive into work each morning, including stuff about their lives. I feel like I know these guys and don't mind hearing about their day or their take on OC Transpo, etc... I'd love to sit down for pints with Steve and JR as they seem like interesting chaps. Just because it is a sports-driven station, I'm pretty sure their CRTC license doesn't state that's all they can talk about.

One thing I completely agree with though is the stupid self-nicknamed regular callers. They bring the show down to amateur-hour level. Just instill a new rule where you ban nicknames, and the problem will solve itself. Allowing nicknames is a self-perpetuating plague where everyone keeps trying to make a name for themselves in the hopes they become the next Angry Al.

Sportscall I don't listen to, to be honest. I'm at work and couldn't even if I wanted to.

Jim Rome has never been my cup of tea. I simply don't care about most of the stuff he talks about and his mannerisms grate on me. To me, this is the perfect spot for a nationally syndicated TSN Radio program out of, God forbid, Toronto.

I enjoy the Healthy Scratches. Again, the first half hour is a little light, but they are just killing time until folks get in their cars. The NHL Power Hour is terrific.

Sens pre-game and post-game shows are fine. I'd drop Garrioch though as his voice is just not suited for radio. It's just to whinny and he seems to have a problem getting his thoughts to come out of his mouth without stammering and stopping and starting. The return of Dave Gross is great and I think Todd White has done a fine job. Mike Eastwood's departure was welcome.

Overnight and weekends, I just don't know what to do there. The easy thing is simply feed in ESPN or Fox Sports, but why not try to make an "appointment" show of some sort? Produce something people locally may not get anywhere else and might make a point of tuning in to. Consider moving away from the all-sports format for periods of time on weekends. Understand your demographic and produce shows on say, Video Games, Comics, Genre Film and TV, MMA/Pro-Wrestling, etc... I doubt the weekend ratings would go anywhere but up.

Just my thoughts, while trying to stay constructive.

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