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11-22-2011, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Holdurbreathe View Post
A little contradiction I think.

If Rundblad was the better player he would be playing. You use one set of standards for Rundblad, another for Filatov. Why is that?

MacLean would dress Rundblad IF he could do what Lee is doing, it is that simple. Reality is, Rundblad's defensive play is keeping him out and his offence isn't enough to get him regular minutes. Of course Rundblad will get more games, but if the Sens keep themselves close to the top eight in the East and he doesn't show marked improvement, his games will all but disappear.

I am not suggesting Rindblad doesn't have a world of potential, but like Filatov, potential only buys so much.

I am starting to think the only reason Rundblad hasn't been sent to the AHL is he will use the clause in his contract that allows him to go back to Sweden.

PS exactly when did you hear MacLean state exactly what Lee's job is out there???
Why does he need to state it? It's pretty obvious what his job is out there and that's to play a very defensive/physical role.

Rundblad, not unlike a lot of other players such as Filatov, needs to figure out the NHL/NA game. Rundblad has shown though that his game does translate well to the NHL as opposed to Filatov who has not shown that as of it. Rundblad needs to earn his ice though, no doubt. Right now, Lee is outplaying him and it will be a good thing down the line when Rundblad realizes how hard he needs to work to be an everyday player.

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