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Originally Posted by SeriousHabs View Post
Most fans have no clue about the work of a coach. Therefore, they whine about his ''defensive system'' and his line combos. Mostly line combos. The hatred is fired in random directions, and it only follows a loss.

The problem is that around here, people use terms such as ''thug'' and ''stud'' to describe marginal players like Eller, Diaz, Subban and Cole. Yes, I said Subban. They believe the reason why Eller hasn't 24 points yet is Martin's ''defensive system''. Yet when you watch a game, Martin's system is generally fine, despite having an extremely green D-core. Shots against are lower now, and it will only improve with the addition of our PMD...if they ever comeback. The problem doesn't come from the system.

The problems come from the simple lack of talent of the Habs players. You can't blame the coach for knee-high passes (how many last night?). You can't blame the coach for shots in the goalies logo (how many last night?). You can't blame the coach for a terrified offensive group that is more than content to dump-and-NOT-chase (how many last night?). Speed is pointless when you are scared to get touched. How many times have we seen a Habs player burn an opponent? Cole made it once. He then headed to the corner and threw an interception. Another turnover in the bank. Essentially, the lack of talent translates into pointless turnovers that really kill scoring chances. People here believe that Desharnais will become a top 50 player, but they don't see how he has more turnovers and lost battles than Gomez has dollars. At least he figured out how to win a few faceoffs. To the top 50!

The lack of talent just adds to the hilarity of the line combo whining. Why put X and Y with Z? Martin should have used W instead! But who cares, given that X, Y, Z and W are all offensively inapt. Actually, one of them might reach 60 points this year. Hooray!

The coach isn't the problem. Trading Latendresse for Pouliot, Ribeiro for Niniimmaa, McDonaugh and Higgins for Gomez, yeah, that is the problem. Talent. We have none, and we do, we make sure we trade it for garbage. A talentless team needs size. We have none of that either. Bowman couldn't do much with this group.
Excellent post!!!! Oh and by the way, expect it to be bashed and disregarded by most here or ignored, but take heart in the fact that as you read you will read almost the exact post a little further down the line, by someone that took the time to copy what you said.

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