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11-22-2011, 02:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
Again what part of my argument do you not understand about using the both of them as leverage this offseason for eventual replacements to Pronger and Timonen? Seriously....what was your SAT score on the english portion of the exam..actually what was it in math as well considering the issue of their salaries for the production they provide?

Anyway..I'm willing to see if Mesz puts it together. Carle I doubt will be more than what he is. However, if both continue to play mediocre then Holmgren needs to consider moving both if he wants to reload the D. If Richards and Carter can be traded I don't see how Carle and Mesz are immune to the same kind of logic of reconstituting the least the defense corps.
I guess I don't understand the part of your argument about using a 3/4 defenseman (who in your opinion, doesn't seem to be a 3/4 defenseman because of his last stretch of games, despite what he has done the rest of his career) to bring in another 3/4 defenseman at a lower price. Also this part where you question whether or not he'll round back into form and if he has the mental fortitude to be a top 4 defenseman:

We took on that contract b/c we consider him to be a top 4 D man....maybe he'll round back into form but i'm really starting to wonder about his mental fortitude.

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