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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
How long do we have to go being in the bottom 3rd of the league in scoring before it's us and not 'bad luck?'

Don't you think this is a legitimate question?

And despite the 12 goals in three games we were still only 19th in goals per game. And after last night's we're back to 22nd. What does that tell you?

You're reading that we haven't scored in fifteen years because it's mostly been true. I didn't write it but I agree with it because that's actually been the case.

Even if we just look at this nucleus from three years ago, the bottom line is that we haven't put the puck in the net. This group has never been above the bottom third in scoring.

Is it because we have four rookies on the blueline? Sure, I have no doubt that this isn't helping. Is it because we don't have a superstar forward? Yes, I think that's a factor too. Is it because our coach doesn't play Subban for top minutes on the PP? Debatable, but certainly that could be a reason...

The bottom line though is that we haven't generated much offense over the past few seasons. It used to be our PP that was great but our 5 on 5 sucked. Now it's reversed... At the end of the day though we haven't been able to score. And too often this season (as with most) we've made backup and below average goalies look great.

Different people will have different theories as to why but the bottom line is that we have not produced. Mathman feels that we will improve over time because the odds say they will... okay fair enough. I think that if we improve it will be because Markov is back and healthy. If he doesn't come back and stay here though, I don't see the results changing all that much.

My belief (and it's just my belief) is that we need more talent and size in our top six. I've believed this for a long time. I think we're too cute with our passes and don't have enough people going hard to the net nor do we have the size to be effective in front of it. I think that's a big (though not the only) reason why we don't actually finish the chances we do.

Bottom line is that we haven't scored. Now it's just a debate about WHY we haven't scored.
Great points there but we dont need a superstar. It would be nice but we have plenty of talent on this team. more than most teams I think. We just need some tinkering I think and we should be ok. Before we were 19th and 22nd in the league in goals per game we were 29th..what does that tell you?

Anyway we should just agree to disagree, you make some really good points and nobody knows the real answers here. Lets just see what happens.

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