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Originally Posted by Dump and Chase View Post
Hahaha. Is this post for real?

First of all the difference between the the bottom 10 on every NHL roster and thousands of other professional hockey players who just didn't make the cut is pretty darn small. To spell this out for you... if you are in the bottom half of the 690 players on active rosters in the NHL or roughly 350 of the guys in the NHL. You need to be selling yourself in every way possible to prove that you belong over the next guy. No one is coming out to find you because you DESERVE to be found. Talk to anyone who ever played competitive anything and ask them about politics.

You can be an idealist all you want but the world simply doesn't work that way.

"NCAA takes education seriously" ---- hahah. SERIOUSLY???

"Major Jr. (cheats you out of the school you really want to go to)" -- Do you actually believe that most players who get full or partial scholarships are going to their first choice of school? You go where the opportunity presents itself.

That comparison is totally ridiculous because in reality in the CHL you actually CAN go to the school of your choice and if it is a bit more expensive you just pony up the difference (Just like the MAJORITY of NCAA players do because they are on partial scholarships!!)

"NCAA provides you with education and playing experience instead of just one." -- The truth is that the NCAA provides you an opportunity to do both at the same time. Which is a good deal if you are looking to parlay some hockey talent into a jump start on your working life.

The schedule for college hockey is awful light and doesn't prepare you mentally or physically for the grind of an 82 game professional schedule. Not saying that making the jump isn't possible of even probable, just saying that the light schedule doesn't train you for that jump. This fact will always leave a question of doubt on a team considering you for a pro-contract and may make the difference between you getting a shot and not getting one.
at the end of the day, its up to the individual...

my neighbor went undrafted after college NCAA in Michigan, but he's happy that he came out with an undergrad in commerence and he continued to play the game with the East Coast league and up.

He's 31, and being an AHLer and a 4th liner with year to year NHL contracts, he knows that hockey... though his profession has a short lifespan and he's happy knowing he has built his credibility in his industry and that he can go on with other various ventures, such as scouting, agency, market rep etc..

I think its like that whole debate... whether to go pro right away or to follow through the amateur route

Its too bad that the CHL is concidering fully professional, concidering that Midget AAA, JR A and SR A aren't.

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