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11-22-2011, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Sal View Post
I was there, and unless they are counting tickets sold and not actual people attending, there is no way 1,055 people were there. A lot of the long time Johnstown hockey fans who attended the Wheeling games last season are not attending this season. Hopefully the Brooks brothers now realize that their idea is a complete failure. The long time fans here, including myself, want something new and more entertaining, whether it is the FHL, NPHL, NAHL, USHL or whatever. The current ECHL product is like watching paint dry, and expecting fans to suddenly support a team that we hated for almost 2 decades was destined to fail. The ECHL outgrew Johnstown back in the 1990s. Johnstown can, and will support a team in a lower level league, whether it is pro or a high level of junior hockey.
This, and that the Nailers are not "our team".

I've heard both of the reasons, and aside from the occasional mention on the redboard outside the arena between Judas Priest and Kelly Clarkson advertisements, there's no advertising for this team. No billboards within a mile of the arena. No billboards on the main roads going to and/or coming from Johnstown. At least the Brooks Brothers should pretend to give a **** about the Johnstown experiment.

I'm not saying they have to advertise to the extent that Johnstown did in the late 80s, where billboards have Chiefs schedules, restaurants had schedules in the windows, and this one might be slightly more difficult given the situation, but there is no player involvement with the city. You know, typical **** that you see in the minors.

Has the ECHL outgrown Johnstown? I hate saying it but yeah, I think it has. I would have suggested maybe being a CHL team would be a better fit, but with no CHL teams within 5 hrs of Johnstown and the majority of the league being 2 time zones away, travel costs would eat away at any profit. At this point, the FHL might be an option. I can't cite the risk of being a startup league since Johnstown was one of the original teams that helped form the ECHL, and with a closer range of travel, it's something they should inquire about.

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