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11-22-2011, 03:28 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by brucewaynegretzky View Post
And my response is you cannot reasonably do that within the confines of the cap and still ice a respectable team. It's not a red-herring. It's cap management. You are not getting it. What do you want the D-Corps to be? Pronger/Weber, Timmo/Coburn, Gus/Lilja? That's a pretty shaky 5/6 and on top of that our D will be shot in 2 years when Pronger and Timmonen retire.
I'm sure our resident capologists can make it work. Again you are presenting it like it's impossible I'm saying it's workable. Again this offseason is where you have a chance to get a replacement for Prongs and Timonen so that we mitigate our D totally being shot in 2yrs as you say. Somehow you need to fit this person in and if it means the 5 and 6 are shaky well it's not like we haven't dealt with that and actually we still have the problem. It doesn't have to be Gus or Lilja...there are plenty of options maybe some homegrown as hard as it's fathomable right now.

Look you want to keep Mesz..that is fine. I say it is not necessary if it means fitting in that replacement we need. Has nothing to do with a dislike of Mesz. I think he's adequate but playing pretty subpar thus far. If it continues I'm not against moving him but you are. That's all.

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