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11-22-2011, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
No idea and our fanbase has the gall to call out Bs fans as knuckle draggers just shows we have morons just like they do. Way to stay classy HABS fans very dissapointing. Biggest thing is for the poor parents that take their kids to the games and then have to talk to the kids and tell them why this shouldn't happen.
I read this whole thread and I'm sorry but you are way off in criticizing our fanbase and those that do drink at the Bell Centre and see nothing wrong with it. For one thing, we have 41 regular season games every season and they are sold out at 21273 people every game. This is the first time in a heck of a long time that we are even talking about a fight in the stands. It almost never happens and certainly not with this intensity level.

The thing is that you immediately blamed alcohol as though this happens all the time. It turns out that on the radio today, it was reported that it was in fact some guy who groped some other guy's girlfriend. This is what led to the fight and certainly other joined in on one side or the other.

Of course it could have been that alcohol led to the groping BUT I was at the game and half tanked and all I did was have a great time with the people around me. The fact that most people drink at the Bell Centre and that a fight rarely occurs ( can't remember the last one we talked about) tells me that you are overreacting by a large margin.

Having to explain unpleasant things is your duty as a parent and if your solution is to remove those unpleasant things from view your kid will be totally unprepared for real life where this happens all the time. I have to say that I am amazed this doesn't happen much more often considering the passion involved by the fans of each team on the ice. How the Leaf fans that are belligerent and loud (having not even been in the playoffs for how long now?) leave the Bell Centre vertically still amazes me.

The difference between us and the knuckle dragging B fans is that they live for a good beatdown and will deliver it to anybody (fans included) that isn't a B fan. We, on the other hand, are pretty reserved and very classy to fans of other teams. We taunt them but only verbally and even then I have never seen it escalate the way it did last night.

You are way off: we are very classy and we are great hockey fans. Even opposing team players love coming here for the ambiance and passion...not the sideshows.

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