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11-22-2011, 06:49 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Sadly, idiots are everywhere. I have seen sober idiots start fights at sporting events.

Just teach your kids to NOT be those idiots and things will be fine.
Troll post, but actual serious question:
if those guys are idiots, because they started to fight, what does it make hockey players that fight? Are you actually not doing the opposite by teaching your kid about (nhl) hockey (which involves fights)? You tell your kid "don't be like that Konopka idiot" or you tell him "no thats ok, but not the guys in the stand" ?
If you have to teach a kid about a fight, i highly doubt he can process the difference between a "controlled" fight and an uncontrolled one.

Find it amusing that bunch of comments calling them idiots/no class etc. but when its a fight on the ice, its considered "though".
Fighting in general is idiotic but highly entertaining.

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