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Hard/soft ice, fast/slow game pace

I have two separate but connected dilemma's; My game is bipolar, a little background and i will explain;

I am not an amazing player just travel, h.s. and adult leagues, play couple times a week, 26yo (playing since around 10 iirc)in excellent health & conditioning. 6ft 200 lbs (~10%fat but all leg strength), 1/2 inch hollow on skates.

I am not a finesse guy, however I am an excellent skater, i can go maximal effort for entire shifts, very tight on turns, skate backwards better than a lot of guys do forwards, i think i just have genetically strong legs and was always forced to do skating drills by my coaches lol.

My game compeltely relies on speed, when the game is fast i don't think, i just react. My breakout passes are tape to tape across 2 lines, my shots are rockets, i am in position, i can skate like the wind. MY 1 on 1 D coverage is phenomenal.

So now i have 2 problems, one serious; slow pace of game, the other not so much; slow ice.

1. Slow pace

As i stated, my game relies on speed. I play D and when i am flying i can dominate games, everything falls into place; d, shooting, breakout pass, skating it out etc... This is when it's a fast dynamic, fluid game with everyone back checking, breaking out quick, and fore checking. My legs are constantly moving and i am skating very efficently..

Now when i play w/ a team that is very slow skating my whole game falls apart. I start to hesitate that extra second before i make the play because no one is moving their legs/open. If i hesitate i am no longer on balance, my passes are inaccurate, i can't line up the O properly to defend the 1 on 1 because they dont feel the pressure to skate hard and it leaves me stuck either waiting for them to catch up or it leaves me skating too hard back then waiting but i am already out of position.

When i try to skate in my fast efficent manner, i am always in the wrong spot because the puck is moving so slowly, i am basically gliding around full speed waiting for the play trying to conserve my energy. If i slow down my play i am not NEARLY as effective in this style game, i fall into the slow pace of everyone else and i play as ****** as everyone else..

Basically I cant play hockey unless my legs are bent, and constantly moving. When i am standing around i get burnt, and embarassed.

2. Soft, slow ice.

If the Ice is slow, i am nowhere near as quick and fast as i should be. Slow ice causes me to slow my game down, i get tired from stops and starts quicker, and i start making some of the mistakes i make as if the game was slow. I know my mid stride acceleration is nowhere near what it is on hard ice, i can move my legs just as fast but i dont move with the same speed.

sorry for the long winded post, just hoped to cover any bases.

Cheers, Happy Thanksgiving and TIA for any help.

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