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11-22-2011, 06:19 PM
How far we done fell
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If your playing D you just have to get used to playing a slow game without the puck. A forward can always go flying in on a forecheck or go for passes through the neutral zone where a defence man obviously cannot.

My advice without the puck is too play further in the offensive zone. Take a few strides inside the blue line and play tight to the other teams forwards. If you're a good enough skater you should be able to play tighter and not get beat. Hopefully you can even pick off some breakout passes. Also don't just go flying back if you don't have to, keep the gap nice and tight and try to check the guy with the puck in the neutral zone if you can.

Offensively, try skating the puck up if your teammates are too slow. Wheel out from behind the net if you can and see if you can at least make it past the red-line. If you can obviously try to skate it in, but if not dump it in and go after it. If you've got speed and your headed up ice you might as well chase it as your in the best position to do it. If your team has the puck in the offensive zone head to open ice and maybe look for a backdoor pass. You can also even get the puck at the point and try to skate down low and get a cycle going. Try not to just stand around and watch your teammates, always try to be looking for somewhere to go/something to do.

I also hate playing on soft ice. It just makes the games so much worse in my opinion. Best thing for me to do on soft ice is to always try to keep moving. It takes a lot more effort to be starting and stopping that it does if you just do some pivots to change direction and just always keep gliding.

I hope some of that helps. I know exactly what you mean about playing in slow conditions or with a slow team. However, if you've got speed you can always take the puck and just go with it if need be.

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