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11-22-2011, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
No, I've watched a lot of Semin. He dogs it a lot, and has for a while. Semin would be hated on this team immediately. For instance...Briere at least tries to backcheck, he just isn't good at defense...Semin is bad at defense and doesn't even attempt it. From what I can gather from the media here, he is a bad character in the room as well. He's also terrible with the media, which just won't fly here. Washington's media is more forgiving, but he'd get torn to shreds for it in Philly. Briere has a reputation for stepping up in the playoffs...Semin is inconsistent as hell. I remember he had one or two great games against Montreal, but I don't remember any other great playoff performances from him besides that.

If Carter was disliked here, Semin would be despised. He's very Zherdevesque.
Zherdevesque except he has 40+ goal potential.

Look, obviously the Caps would need to add, but I'd definitely be willing to do this trade right now... if only to get Briere's contract off our books.

How nice would it be to be free and clear of that 6.5M when Zach Parise is going to hit free agency, when Ryan Suter is going to hit free agency, etc?

And I know it's obvious you dislike Semin, but even you have to be capable of seeing that Briere isn't worth his contract and he's only getting older / slower and worse as the years go on. There aren't going to be many more chances to unload his $6.5M cap hit... especially considering he has a NMC.

And yeah I know there's this ridiculous stigma around him that he turns it on for the playoffs, but I think that's total BS.He's had 1 year where he was significantly better in the playoffs than he was during the regular season (09-10... our cup run). If you don't believe me, check the stats for yourself. Every other year in the playoffs, he either scores right around or below his regular season pace.

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