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Originally Posted by 29dryden29 View Post
Look at the Jackets as a whole that team is a collective minus Nash is a minus 12 so would you say no thanks to him in our lineup?

That would have been my ask of the organization to offer I am sure closer to 2 to 2.5 would have been more realistic that was a wish the number I threw out there. I just think a short 1 year deal at a reasonable rate and if Markov was serious about wanting to be here he would accept and say I will show you then you can show me the money.

LOL Don't get me started on JM ugh I hate that his system stiffles our guys that have any semblence of creativity and can wheel. His coaching makes me cringe.
I'm not sure that you have any idea of how contract discussions work. Generally, as the years in the contract increase, the dollars per year decrease. Not the other way around. If a one-year deal had been on the table, it would have been for a hell of a lot more than 5.75. Markov knew just as well as anyone that his career could potentially be over after the next shot to his knee, so there's no way he going to accept a low-dollar, one-year deal.

Besides, what you see as "reasonable", Markov and his agent see as "insult".

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