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Originally Posted by mja View Post
Problem with that is that the **** was actually true. They weren't best friends or anything, but Lindros did socialize once or twice with Merlino and the organization (Flyers, not Mafia) had to put a stop to it. There was a story about that in the papers when the team went into full character-assassination mode against 88. To my knowledge they never said anything about the hung over rumor, but a lot of the **** that the press ran with against Lindros was later verified when things got ugly between him and the team.

I loved Lindros and missed seeing the tail end of Clarke's career by a year, and in my opinion the entire debate is silly. They were both amazing players.

Oh, and Lindros wasn't clean. He was a complete badass and any number of his hits today would get huge suspensions. My favorite dirty play of his was against a Rags defender, I think maybe Karpotsev, who was hooking Eric (like really hooking him, as they did in the old days before merely brushing a guy's chest with your stick was an automatic call). The ref wasn't calling it, so Eric took the blade of his stick and rammed it into the guy's teeth. It made me smile. Lindros and Clarke were both dirty, and they were both better players because of it.
Yeah, Lindros sometimes played dirty, but only when the other players instigated. That's the difference. Clarke was the instigator.

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