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11-22-2005, 01:23 PM
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Originally Posted by EndBoards
If you're able to stop and are working on crossovers, you're in good shape - if not ahead of the game - for most beginner programs IMO..

And you're taking rec hockey way, way too seriously if you're worried about making a mistake and costing your team a game. It's rec league. There's nothing at stake. The important thing is that you get out there, try your best, work to improve your game, and have a good time.

Its not the making mistake and costing the game I am worried about, its the fact that if I am a constant weak link, it will lessen the fun for the others on the team.

But I am feeling a lot more confident since I got the new skates, the E instead of D, and another couple of months at the rink practicing and I will be ready to go

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