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11-22-2011, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
this is not true. although there are general practioners who are literally idiots when it comes to sports injuries and therapies, an MD can make you get an MRI, diagnose whether it's related to your muscles, bones, ligaments, or nerves, or refer you to a specialist (doctor or chiropractor).

on the other hand, a chiropractor can't diagnose or treat a bulging or herniated disc. they can do very limited things for things like a pinched nerve. they treat a majority of complaints by performing a spinal adjustment or massage, which is something the OP may or may not need.

ultimately, unless you can very clearly describe the problem and the injury to someone who is experienced in treating such ailments, most advice will be very much useless because there are 100 different causes for the vague symptom that we know as "lower back pain". i suffered from various back pains for a long time and it was only until i started reading a lot on the subject, i was able to identify what is going on in my back and find the right doctor for that treatment.

fwiw, the book i linked gives you 2 exercises for tailbone pain. it is aimed at relieving acute pain when it occurs and rehabbing your back muscles for the possibility it occurs again. for anything else it tells you to go to a doctor.
My doctor has turned into the all too common pill pusher, he literally doesn't even listen to what I say before he gets out his pad and starts writing an RX. I'm not a believer in pain pills, does nothing more than mask pain and there is evidence the more you take the more you become sensitive to pain. I've been fortunate after 18 years of playing hockey I don't walk around with pain and I honestly have a hard time believing in some cases that people live like that but I'm sure some do. That said I have found in my case when I get banged up playing hockey and I have a sore back or sore neck I go to my chiro and I feel like brand new. But, like you said, that's just me. I can only give advice based on my experience cause I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn last night!

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