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11-22-2011, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by habsjunkie2 View Post
The reason the habs have a difficult time scoring is because they don't have anyone particularly good at it. The game isn't won by outskating your opponents, it's about putting the puck in the net and we've been terribad for years.

Cammy is the only true offensively gifted player we have. We have a bunch of nice players, but none really elite on offense, cammy when not scoring is brutal too.

It isn't bad luck, a game here and a game there, sure bad luck plays a role, this has been going on for close to 200 games and it's not likely to change. If we make the playoffs we will once again be near the bottom of playoff teams in scoring, if not dead last.
I'd argue that Pacioretty can be included in that club with Cammalleri, I'd go as far to say that throughout this season and the next two Patches will outscore (in goals, not just points) Cammy. He's way better defensively as well.

Cammy when used in an offensive system will be a consistent 30-35 goal guy, I'm not sure he is that guy in this system in this town in the role he is playing.. If we use him on the same PP unit as Markov he might be able to "Kovalev" his numbers going forward... Pacioretty on the other hand I am confident can score 30 regularly in his role here.

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