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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
usually, if you are the first forward, you have to make the decision whether to forecheck or not. there are some necessary conditions for a forecheck.

one, you should have a reasonable chance to get the puck outright. if you are attacking a player who is way better than you, then it may not be worth it. he will skate by you and you will be out of position.
That first one is a big sticking point for me. I haven't been playing all that long and, although my skating has gotten better by leaps and bounds every year, I still have that mentality I had when I was new where I'd say to myself "Okay you're not good enough to force the turnover, so just contain him". I guess it's that's more in my head... I'll work on it.

two, a forecheck is not an individual effort. your teammates should be prepared for your forecheck, that is they should be taking away passing lanes or preparing for a trap. if they don't, then the guy being pressured can pass and once again you are chasing the play from behind. if you teammates just went to the bench for a change, a forecheck is usually ill-advised because the new line may not have taken their proper positions yet.
Usually if the puck carrier isn't on my side of the ice or near center, I'll lay off and try to clog up a passing lane or play one of the potential pass recipients tightly. Is this the right move? If not, what should I be doing?

finally, if the above conditions made you decide against the forecheck, but you are still the first forward, you need to contain the puck carrier and make his coming out of the zone tougher. if he sees a stretch pass, you need to be the one to make him think otherwise. if he decides to carry the puck, you need to be ready to play his body. if he sees an open lane up the middle, you need to be the one to take it away from him. this is why mirroring drills are so important.
Thanks a lot. You've given me a lot to work on!

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