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11-22-2011, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Josh Deitell View Post
I don't see why stealing a win is something to be upset about.
Let me explain it to you then - the Kings are not playing anywhere near their potential. You can't depend on the better teams making those kind of bonehead mistakes to gift wrap a game like that for you.

If the Kings are going to go ANYWHERE this season, they are going to have to play MUCH closer to their potential. If they played a really good team, they would have been buried after that really poor 1st period.

I'm not just watching this team and expecting them to do OK - they have the potential to be something really special. Every game they play like this allows them to depend on luck rather than skill - and that luck will be less and less evident as they play better teams.

I'm happy for you if you're satisfied with a mediocre performance at best so long as they win - my bar is set MUCH higher than that. Watching a team for 38 years will do that to you. Obviously I'd rather that they don't lose, but for the long term progress, I'd rather see them totally outplay other teams, but lose the occasional game due to bad bounces because I KNOW that those bad bounces won't always be around.

A good team will overcome those bad bounces and excel in the end.

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