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11-22-2011, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
Sorry... unlike you, I'm not willing to sit back and pay someone $6.5M on the assumption that they'll just turn it up for the playoffs.

As I said, there's this unbelievable BS myth out there about Briere that he's a playoff warrior... HE'S NOT. In every year he's made the playoffs other than 09-10, his playoff PPG pace has pretty closely matched his regular season PPG pace.

05-06: Regular Season: 1.21 pts/game Post Season: 1.06 pts/game

06-07: Regular Season: 1.17 pts/game Post Season: 0.93 pts/game

07-08: Regular Season: 0.91 pts/game Post Season: 0.94 pts/game

08-09: Regular Season: 0.86 pts/game Post Season: 0.67 pts/game

09-10: Regular Season: 0.71 pts/game Post Season: 1.30 pts/game

10-11: Regular Season: 0.88 pts/game Post Season: 0.82 pts/game

11-12: Regular Season: 0.78 pts / game Post Season: ????

EDIT: And in years past, Briere was never counted on the way he is currently. He never had the prospect of playing against another team's #1 defensive line, and he always had teammates perfectly suited to his game.

It's fine if you guys disagree, but I see the future of this team and I don't think Briere fits very well. We have tons of young, speedy talent. Briere is holding that back IMO. And even if Semin isn't the answer, we can use that $6.5M freed up by getting rid of Briere to help find that answer in the offseason.
Do you realize how hard it is to actually play at a PPG rate in the playoffs? Checking is tighter, teams are desperate and yet in an environment in which you'd think Briere would fail drastically, he excels. His leadership and dedication to winning are top notch. I understand you think these 'young guys" deserve a chance, but sometimes you have to prove it. JVR is the player I have the biggest bone to pick. If you think Briere has been bad than watch JVR. JVR has all the chances in the world to prove he can be as dominate as he was in last years playoffs yet he refuses to show the same drive that took him to that higher level. 6.5 million is steep for Briere and I can see him being shipped out at seasons end as the Flyers will surely be in pursuit of Ryan Suter or Shea Weber But right now, his leadership and ability to mentor the younger forwards on the Flyers is needed.

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