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11-22-2011, 11:44 PM
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I am so sick of all the petty bickering amongst us King fans. Enough is enough. Take a roll call of all of the great posters who aren't here any longer and you will see what happens when that type of petty garbage comes in.

We are all fans of the same team. ALL OF US.

Its fine to have differing opinions of how things should go and what seems right or wrong and great to debate them with each other. I am happy that I have friends here who see things differently then I do and only come back when I do to keep up with what everyone is saying both the good and the different.

Lets let the bullcarp name calling and categorizing go by the way side. We are all better than that.

I think that anything that happens on the ice with this team has little to do with TM any longer. I have felt this way for awhile now and given my reasons but I also believe that we are a great team over loaded with seriously talented depth at most positions and that we might be able to win the cup regardless of our head coach.

I also believe that TM has a staff that is good enough to have a positive impact and that they might keep us on track well enough to get us to the promised land.

Anyone who disagrees with me that is a King fan is equally right in my opinion and I am happy to in fun and good intent debate our differences anytime.

Anyone else well, we are all Kings fans and here to share or love thoughts good and otherwise about this team we love. Lets at least all respect each other.

You can have an opinion and still love a win or hate a loss even if it goes against what you believe to be happening with the team. This petty "we won (or lost) so you must be angry (or happy etc) is just nonsense and bull.

So baby please, give a little respect to each other.


Shaking cane and sitting back on the porch for awhile again.

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