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11-23-2011, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
Look, right now Holmgren HAS put Coburn, Carle and Meszaros on notice. If the TEAM continues to struggle defensively and they aren't capable of picking up the slack (ie - they aren't EARNING their salaries as true 2nd pairing dmen) then he WILL look to shake things up by trading one or more of them. There are options out there and probably many more than we are privy to hearing. My only concern is that our GM may go into Homer Simpson mode and really do something stupid like trading Carle + 1st for freaking Kabrele. I don't trust Homer when he's in panic mode and I fear he's heading down that path right now.

Long term I'm not too worried about Holmgren screwing up the defense. Right now, ON PAPER, we are ok. We have some time to work out a solution for when Timonen retires and by the time Pronger really starts to slip then whomever we got to replace Timonen SHOULD be able to slot in to the top pairing and let Pronger slot in to the 2nd pairing spot.

Here are just a few of the possible long term solutions for finding us another top pairing dman:
1) Draft a top pairing dman in this years draft (maybe we move up in the draft, add onther 1st earlier than ours)
2) Use some of our surplus at forward to trade for one from a team with plenty (say something around Schenn for someone like Bogo, Cowen or Rundblad)
3) We could trade a ton (similar to the Pronger trade) for someone like Suter or Weber
4) Wait until free agency and sign someone (Guys like Timonen and Campbell come to mind, they have to be paid a ton but basically they can had for free).

While it would be great to "just add water" (ala those Sea Monkeys you bought as a kid) and poof, we instantly have our defense solution, it doesn't quite work that way.
First Bold: Do we have knowledge of this Notice?? I haven't heard or seen anything regarding Homer putting our D-corps on notice? Not trying to be a ****** but where did this come from? I don't think Coburn is on notice to live up to his contract a week into signing the new deal??

Second Bold: Why is Homer heading into Panic mode? I don't understand the logic here. The team is currently 4th in the conference with a billion new forwards and a new goalie learning the system and his D-men. Bryz has been better since his slump(excluding last night). There is no way this team is heading into panic mode because Pronger has a virus and Coburn has bruised Kidney's and will be playing tomorrow night?

Our team has played well through the first quarter of the season who had a dramatic makeover in the off-season. If the team falters big time down the stretch and drops dramatically in the standings then I can consider a shake-up, but this team will be competing for a playoff spot. The only shake-up we will do if we continue on the record we are playing now will be trying to add an impact player at the deadline.

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