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11-22-2011, 11:26 PM
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Originally Posted by sandlansd View Post
Briere has this thing... it's called a NMC. It means he can block any trade.

Now let's be honest here... if you have a home you're happy w/ in Philly, you're on a team you're happy with, are you really going to waive that NMC to go many places? Nope.

Now which teams in the offseason would realistically want Danny B. @ 6.5M for 3 more years? Now which of those teams would be contenders and cities Danny would want to leave the Flyers for?

What's that? You can't think of any? Neither can I.

If we have a chance to move Danny right now to get Semin + something else of value from the Caps, you have to think about doing that IMO.

I'm sorry if you take offense to this and if I get a warning but I don't care; **** that ****. I don't ****ing want Semin on this team. He's good but to put it bluntly he's a loser. Has no drive and no heart. He's one of the worst kind of athletes to have. What you want to do is trade one of the better playoff performers in the league for Alex...****ing...Semin. A lazy, undedicated player, that's soft, streaky, with no toughness. He's the exact OPPOSITE of a player that should wear a Flyers' jersey.

No GOD DAMN Alexander Semin on this team...complete waste of high cap hit.

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