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11-22-2011, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Drewbackatu View Post
Do you think for a second that I give a **** if you think I'm not a Rangers fan? Just because I'm not blinded by loyality to the team and organization the way a lot of the fans who post on this forum are doesn't mean that I don't support them unconditionally. I merely stated a fact due to a quirk in the schedule, we haven't played any of the upper echelon teams in the east as of yet and so I'll reserve my judgement of the team's success until we play and have success against the teams that I mentioned in my post. As far as Marc Staal is concerned, I've said it hundreds of times on these boards that he is a very good defensive defenseman but he is NOT a #1 d-man in any way. He would be on the 2nd pairing on half the teams in the league.
Except you haven't done that. You're telling us that we don't have the evidence to say the offense is good because we haven't played those teams, but at the same time telling us the offense is awful because we haven't played those teams. Either all of our evidence is valid, or none of it is.
Furthermore, one or two games against "elite teams" is nowhere near as telling an indicator as to a teams offensive abilities as 7 or 8 games are. Last year we had 7-0 blowouts against Philly, Wash (twice), and several others. We also dropped games to the (then a lottery team) Florida panthers 3-0.
The wider the sample size, the smaller the margin of error.

As for Marc Staal, I don't know what to tell you. Either you don't like his style of play, or you really hate defensive players, but there's no arguing with you over a player who's greatest detractors still recognize him as an all-star and a world-class shut-down defenseman. If you combine his play of last year and Girardi's play from this year, you have the best defensive pairing for the price. Note that I said for the price, so none of those

"Suter and Weber say hi"

But they are rather fantastic, aren't they?

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