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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
I'd argue that Pacioretty can be included in that club with Cammalleri, I'd go as far to say that throughout this season and the next two Patches will outscore (in goals, not just points) Cammy. He's way better defensively as well.

Cammy when used in an offensive system will be a consistent 30-35 goal guy, I'm not sure he is that guy in this system in this town in the role he is playing.. If we use him on the same PP unit as Markov he might be able to "Kovalev" his numbers going forward... Pacioretty on the other hand I am confident can score 30 regularly in his role here.
You may be right. I like Pacioretty, but don't consider him an offensively gifted player like Cammy. He'll score based on volume, hard work and going to dangerous areas and picking up garbage. He doesn't have the same finish as Cammy, but he's better in other areas, I agree.

I'm reluctant to call anyone a consistent 30 goal scorer based on half a season and a good 20 game stretch. Not knocking Patches here, one of my favorite habs for sure, but to me he doesn't really have the game changing ability we need. He'll likely max at 50 points or so. 25G 25-30A, great to have for sure, but not enough to overcome the inability of players like Desharnais, Gomez, Eller and others who won't score 10.

I think Eller can be one of the game changers in the not too distant future, he has the skills, just needs to work on his decision making. I find the one downfall with Eller working within a JM system, is that he sometimes tries to force plays that are a real low percentage and they sometimes end up resulting in goals against, with more time and patience, I think he will be the biggest game changer on the team.

The fans who think Eller should get 18minutes a night and Gomez should get the equivalent of what Eller is getting now are way off base imo. Eller still makes glaring mistakes at the worst possible time. I like JM's approach to him for now. Teach him the smaller points, make him accountable, limit the high risk/low reward type situations eller tries to create and we should have a 30G 40A type guy on hand, but he's not there yet.

Shootouts, we seldom have 3 shooters who I'd consider finishers. Sure they score from time to time, but when I look at other lineups we face, they often have legitimate threats, we usually have pleks, gionta, and cammy. Cammy being the only real sniper.

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