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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Ugh... this notion that a guy on the bench will somehow protect a guy on the ice is redundant and cliche.

How is Rupp going to protect Gaborik?

Rupp was also supposed to stop Prust from fighting...

Rupp can only help Rupp. He's slow, he has limited skill, and he's not much of a fighter. What does he do to warrant his contract?

He scored a Stanley Cup Final goal for the Devils a decade ago, great, he's been mediocre at best his entire career.

Maybe its just me, but in a capped league, I don't like the notion of wasting valuable roster positions and cap space on players who have limited impact ON THE ICE.

1.5 for 3 goals per year isn't exactly "bang for your buck". And there are those that wonder why we struggle to generate offensive pressure? Because there's enough cap space being wasted on mediocrity that it effects the on ice product.

Rupp, Christensen, Avery, Fedotenko, and to a lesser extent Deveaux (lesser extent because his cap hit is only 500K).

None of those guys provide anything particularly unique. They're redundant pieces.
Boyle, Prust, and Deveaux are fine.

We could take Rupp, Christensen, Avery, and Fedotenko and replace them with cheaper options from Connecticut, and acquire a legit top six winger via trade. We have enough pieces, and there are enough teams on the verge of mailing in the season.

Avery has been and continues to be a more consistent point producer throughout their careers (last year being an anomoly for BOTH guys)

In 6 games this year Avery has 2 goals, in 17 games this year Boyle has 4 points.

If your focus in on actual production, then you need to flip flop those names.

If you start bringing in other aspects of a players game, then you clearly do not understand the value that Rupp brings to the team.

the names that should be on the outs here in NY are not the likes of Avery and Rupp, they should be Wolski and Christensen. Talk about saving cap space and getting productive players.

Wolski specifically plays a role that demands production and his cap hit is way more crippling than either Rupp or Avery (actually both tbh)

Between Wolski and EC, that's 4.7 off the books. We should look to use THAT cap space for a legit top line LW. Not the piddly 1.5 from Rupp or 1.9 from Avery.

the 4th line does NOT demand production regardless of what you think. The 4th line demands defensive responsibility and physicality and if they can add a few goals, great. Rupp can take a regular shift as a 4th liner. He's solid defensively and can chip in the odd goal here and there.

I think getting Rupp back and playing him with Prust and Boyle on the 4th line (as that's what all three players are, 4th liners) will help this team a great deal.

Double A - D-Step - Gabby
Dubi - Bad Brad - Cally
Avery - EC/Wolski - Fedotenko
Prust - Boyle - Rupp

And if Wolski has to be in the line-up, insert him at the 3rd line center position. May force him to actually use his talents and keep his head in the game. Additionally any defensive decencies he has can be protected by two solid defensive players in Avery and Fedotenko

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