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Originally Posted by brucewaynegretzky View Post
I agree that we'll need a new #1 when Timmo/Pronger are gone, and that's where a guy like Weber MIGHT come in, but those guys aren't the norm around the league and you don't find many. Also the cap makes it so you can't have many of those guys on your team. There's a reason Weber will likely end up making twice what a guy like Mez makes.
You are wrong when you say we'll need ONE new Number 1 .. we will need two of them. Timo AND Pronger are old and one will retire and the other will fall apart.

Therefore we dont just need a Suter OR a Weber, we need both.

Let's think logically. If you get rid of both Mesz and Carle and let's say use their cap to grab a Suter, what do you have? Suter, Coburn, Timo and Pronger. Then Timo retires and Pronger falls apart. So then what do you have? A top notch Suter with a still developing Coburn, ok, fine first pairing. Second D pairing? A fading Pronger with a nobody?

You HAVE to think in terms of replacing both Timo AND Pronger, bolstered by a pair of rising youngsters.

In other words, two star Dmen bolstered by two rising proteges. That's why you get rid of Carle but not BOTH Carle and Mesz.

If you keep Coburn and Mesz, they get mentored by Pronger and Timo until they leave or fall apart. Then they continue to get mentored by two equivalents to Timo and Prongs. WHo? I donno.

In an ideal world both Suter and Weber. I know it wont happen but drool, think of the advantages.

Numbers wisse it can actually work. Prongs=5 mil, Timo=6.5 mil, Carle= 4.2 mil. That's almost 16 mil, enough to grab both Suter and Weber on long term contracts.

Cmon work with me on this!

IMAGINE guys. Suter and Weber bolstered by Coburn and Mesz!

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