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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
Right now, McD's offensive register is kind of limited. Making top notch puck-distrubution plays is just not in his repetoair.

With D's however, its to a very big extent about being able to make the same plays time after time after tim. I love the poise McD is showing.

But at the same time our D's are supposed to make that long hard pass up ice for just a tip in so often, that they aren't really developing much of a passing game. Looking at kids like Enström who got a huge role in Atlanta, at Letang, and heck even Goligoski during his stint in Pittsburg, you got 3 D's who were put in a role where they were asked to constantly make plays with the puck, and they have taken that responsibilty and run with it and turned into elite D's. Its hard for D's who are just asked to shoot the puck up ice to develop that kind of poise.

So, he is coming along really well. Don't get me wrong. But I am not sold if he will be able to take that last step and become like a nr 1 or something.
I don't know how how you can say that McD's potential is limited offensively. The kid has only just over a year of pro experience under his belt, including only around 60 NHL games. In college, he was relied upon to be the more defensively responsible half of any pair he was put on. Now that he's paired with a rock like Girardi and gaining confidence in his game, I think his offensive ability is just starting to show. I think his offensive upside is actually quite high. He has the ability to become a true #1 IMO. Whether he will stall or regress in his development is another question entirely, but I would say he has the potential to be an absolute 2-way stud.

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