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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Defense first. He rarely engages our DMen on offense like the Bruins D do. Remember the good ole days when Montreal had DMen who scored a lot of goals?

Passive forecheck. Martin thinks its more important to send everyone back to our zone than to attack the other team before they reach the red line.

Dumps and chases with a small team. We have the speed to carry the puck in.

Does not teach this team patience with the puck. When one of our players are challenged, the puck goes somewhere quickly......seldom on a tape to tape pass.

Very little net presence. The Bruins ALWAYS have someone in front of Price. The Habs......hardly ever.

Idiotic PP choices. Plekanec is not a Point player on the power play but he is there all the time. Our PP is ineffective and still looks the same as it did on Game One. Very predictable. We do not have give an goes on the PP. We seldom have someone attacking the net from the weak side. Almost always straight up where a goalie does not have to move side to side.

Poor personnel choices. We have Darche. Enough said. Martin thinks he is a god. We have young centers playing wing and when not perfoming, are benched.

Martin is a tool. The one thing that he has going for him is that a LOT of Canadiens fans are happy with early playoff exits and fighting for the 8th they support Martin very strongly.

Mediocrity in Montreal is the new norm.
Thanks for the detailed response...once again, as an outsider looking in, much of the criticism that is being levied against Martin is the same stuff that people were saying in Boston about Julien before he won...his system limits the players (see seguin), he rewards the wrong players with ice time (see Wideman), his power play personnel and philosophy sucks (see our miserable power play)...I agree, your D men are a bit too passive, but do you have the right personnel to play that style, besides Subban, who else on D has the ability to get up into the play and make a difference. I thought before the season started that both the loss of Hamerlik and Wisneiwski were going to be big for Montreal, b/c they depended so much on their PP for offense. Now, Hamerlik is no great Dman, but he was good on the pp. Last year Montreal had 3 legit Dmen that could operate on the PP (Subban, Hamerlik, Wisneiwski). Montreal gambled on the health of Markov, and once he went out, you lost your only other Dman that could work the PP, besides Subban. And Subban is someone who should be pulling the trigger, not dishing like Hamerlik and Wisneiwski did. So, I think that Martin has been a bit handicapped by his personnel this year, especially on the PP, which Montreal relies on for their offense. As for the forecheck, I do think that Montreal has an aggressive forecheck, at least against the Bs, their speed with two men deep usually gives the Bs bigger Dmen trouble...but yes, I agree, Montreal could to a bit more in transition, similar to our Marchand-Bergeron-Seguin line, where much of their offense comes off the rush, rather than the dump, chase, cycle. Anyway, interesting may all get turned around faster than you think, it happened in Boston.

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