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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
First Bold: Do we have knowledge of this Notice?? I haven't heard or seen anything regarding Homer putting our D-corps on notice? Not trying to be a ****** but where did this come from? I don't think Coburn is on notice to live up to his contract a week into signing the new deal??

Second Bold: Why is Homer heading into Panic mode? I don't understand the logic here. The team is currently 4th in the conference with a billion new forwards and a new goalie learning the system and his D-men. Bryz has been better since his slump(excluding last night). There is no way this team is heading into panic mode because Pronger has a virus and Coburn has bruised Kidney's and will be playing tomorrow night?

Our team has played well through the first quarter of the season who had a dramatic makeover in the off-season. If the team falters big time down the stretch and drops dramatically in the standings then I can consider a shake-up, but this team will be competing for a playoff spot. The only shake-up we will do if we continue on the record we are playing now will be trying to add an impact player at the deadline.

I think it was Timmeh who reported about Holmgren putting the d on notice and it was also before the Coburn extension so he MIGHT be out of the woods for now (though now he'd have more trade value as he is signed and not a pending UFA.

Second, Holmgren, along with everybody else, sees that it's not our forwards or goal-scoring that is a concern right now. Our goaltending has been up and down but mostly Bryz has played at least above average. The ONE place we were suppose to be "stable" was on defense as we were returning our top 5 from last year. However, it has been our defensie that has been the biggest disappointment so far this year and hence the reason for Holmgren putting them on notice. In case anyone forgot lets review what "Homer Simpson" did the last time he went into "panic mode" about the defense: 1) He signed Randy Jones to a rediculous contract, 2) Jones got hurt, 3) He traded a 1st rnd pick for freaking Steve Eminger (a player whom the Caps were considering waiving and most reports had them likely to accept a 3rd rnd pick for him but homer gave them a 1st), 4) When Eminger wasn't working out (surprise surprise) homer trade Eminger and Steve Downie (a former 1st rnd draft pick who had yet to play even half a season in the NHL) for Matt Carle. Now while Carle has been a decent 2nd pairing dman, he was CERTAINLY not worth what was essentially two 1st rnd picks.

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