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Originally Posted by Hull Fan View Post
Well to be fair I don't think anyone expected Benn to produce like he did. ... So saying the Stars never got credit is hardly a knock on HF rankings or other HF posters.

Loui played well in the SEL but was never the star on his own team. ... He was considered a decent prospect but no one outside the organization was convinced the offense would follow. .. Hell Jussi Jokinen wasn't that well regarded before he blew up his rookie year.

...After finally living up to his billing the year after he was drafted James Neal had all the hallmarks of being a top power forward but the truth is lot's of players fit that bill and never amount to anything. Shoulld he have been ranked higher? Yes but not so much that he, and he alone brings up the overall prospect rankings of the Stars.

One bright prospect is great for the team but depth and overall quality is usually what tops the rankings here. Keep that in mind.
I'm not saying that HF should have foreseen the future and nailed Benn, Eriksson or Neal. What I'm saying is that the system of HF ranking is unable to give credit for players that rapidly progress & exceed expectations. Because of that, it basically becomes a list of recent high-draft picks who haven't progressed rather than a list of prospects which are rapidly progressing..

Now understand.. That system is what it is. It doesn't really bother me. What i feel inclined to correct is people saying that the Stars have poor drafting & development and reference our HF ranking as evidence. I haven't been able to see this thread in over a week though, so I'm not even sure if that was what originally brought all of this about..

What were we talking about again?

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