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11-23-2011, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by PROMputt View Post
I usually do not post on other teams boards. But if you guys have watched the Islanders at all this year they have not been very competitive. I find it funny when reading other teams boards some of the comments like you guys think there is even a chance you will lose when on the Islanders boards we are just hoping for a goal. Yes you read correctly, we just want the team to score. Not win, score. Any way, good luck tonight. Keep an eye on Talbot as he has a history with the Islanders from last year and the Isles just called up Haley who went after him in the famous brawl game with Pitt last year.
Hmm, thanks for the Talbot info.

And do not give up faith. The Flyers' ability to lose "easy-win" games is top notch.

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