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11-23-2011, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Whoever started this "cup of coffee" nonsense to begin with needs to be run the hell out of town.

Cup of coffee players are playing in the ECHL.

Most AHL players probably make more per year than anyone on HFboards.

We should be getting Gustafsson's coffee. He has clearly demonstrated the talent to succeed at the NHL level. Will he be Randy Jones, Matt Carle, or better? That's up to him.
it is stuff like this that just makes me laugh. what has he clearly shown that he belongs in the nhl? Seriously what has he shown talent wise in his 5 or 6 games that he is an nhl player? How many guys have come shown that same ability in the same amount of games never to be heard from again? jussi timmonen? david prince? lasse kaukenen? No it isnt up to him. his ability is his ability. Maybe he becomes an nhl player maybe he becomes john slaney. How is pat maroon doing? so shocked he hasnt made iot to the nhl as a regular.

what does the salary of an ahl player have to do with anything by the way?

no cup of coffe players are in the ahl as well.

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