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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Rupp is not a good NHL player, sorry.

Skating = well below average
Hands = well below average
Shot = average at best
Fighting = average at best
Hockey IQ = average at best
Production = well below average

No one is answering why he would be a better option then players who are less expensive and could add more on the ice.

Other then, he's a veteran. And he was on some good teams. Or he may or may not possibly contribute...maybe... that's not what you want to hear when a guy makes 1.5.
Rupp is not a liability when he's on the ice. A guy like Deaveaux in an 82 season and the playoffs will be. At 1.5 he's below average salary for the Rangers, so I don't really see what the complaints are about.

After signing a UFA contract the guy is making 900k below league average.
The average NHL salary is $2.4 million

So if he's at or below average in most areas, he's getting paid exactly what he should be. /Thread

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