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11-23-2011, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Rupp is not a good NHL player, sorry.

Skating = well below average
Hands = well below average
Shot = average at best
Fighting = average at best
Hockey IQ = average at best
Production = well below average

No one is answering why he would be a better option then players who are less expensive and could add more on the ice.

Other then, he's a veteran. And he was on some good teams. Or he may or may not possibly contribute...maybe... that's not what you want to hear when a guy makes 1.5.
Are/were there better ways to spend $1.5M than Mike Rupp? Probably. But we chose to sign him, and now he's here. And he will be here for a while.

The question now becomes Rupp or Deveaux, which is the question being asked here. I still believe the answer is pretty clearly Rupp. No one has provided any argument as to why it should be Deveaux, other than the added cap space (which we don't currently need).

As far as your analysis of Rupp, well, he's a fourth liner. You can make a similar list of "below-average" traits for any other fourth liner. He may not be a good NHL player in a vacuum, but he's a good player when it comes to performing his role.


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