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For Mr. Kurri's Soup Kitchen and anyone else who might be interested...

Rolling Stone names Jimi Hendrix the ‘Greatest Guitarist of all Time,’ followed by Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page
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Other guitarists in the vaunted list of Top 100 tip heavily towards British players who rose during the ‘60s, eating up the rest of the top five: Eric Clapton (2), Jimmy Page (3), Keith Richards (4) and Jeff Beck (5).

The argument-starting list then gets around to several older American players: bluesman B.B. King (6) and a man who greatly inspired Richards: Chuck Berry (7). From there it zigzags through metal (Eddie Van Halen, 8), Southern rock (Duane Allman, 9) before shuttling back to a British boomer God (Pete Townshend, 10).

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